Below are Some Examples of Felt Flat Roofs We Have Completed

By the term ‘Flat Roofing Essex’, this means a roof that is by design almost completely flat on top, allowing only the gentlest of angles to ensure the drainage of rainwater. Long since adopted in Mediterranean countries and places with arid climates due to their ability to help regulate temperate better than pitched roofs, these are fast gaining speed in popularity amongst the housing industries of Britain. In a recent surge of popularity, professional flat roofing specialists are becoming much sought after. On that note, allow us to introduce ourselves!

We are Southend and Essex Roofing, and just so you know, we provide the best flat roofing expertise in all of Essex!

After many years of experience, we have perfected the art of flat roofing. It is imperative to for construction to be meticulously measured and designed, and for all parts in the laying process to be handled with the utmost care and detail. We here at Southend Essex and Roofing understand this keenly, and we provide only the best in bespoke and tailored Flat Roofing practices.

For any enquiries, please give us a call. We are eager to hear from you!

Our Felt Flat Roof projects